About The Eaten Path


Can I follow The Eaten Path on Twitter?
Um, that’s a strange question for you to be asking right off the bat, but the answer is yes — by following James. While you’re at it, keep up with us on Facebook!

What is this blog about?
From 2008-2012, The Eaten Path published the story of a meal. Sometimes the story was about the meal. Sometimes the story was about the journey to the meal.

Rarely concerned with breaking the latest news or consuming the best bite, this blog insisted that food was most compelling when it was taken part and parcel with daily life. Following food-enamored Americans through a variety of towns at home and abroad, we believed that once-in-a-lifetime experiences spring from settings that are a dime a dozen.

Who’s behind this?
The Eaten Path was founded by James Boo. In 2009, Zachary Mann joined as co-writer and contributing editor to the blog. Over the years, James and Zach hosted a handful of like-minded authors to contribute food and travel stories from all over the globe.

Do you mind if I use your photographs in my article?
We reserve all rights under copyright law to the photographs we’ve taken for this blog. Whenever any of our writers includes a photo that he or she didn’t take in a post, that photo is attributed and linked to the image’s original page. We require the same courtesy from you for any non-commercial use-and-attribution of images on this site.

If you have any further questions on using our photos, be it for a food review, travel guide, mobile app or anything else, please e-mail James about it.

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