The Eaten Path Was a Food Blog.

by James Boo on January 13, 2016

Piggly Wiggly
From 2007-2012, The Eaten Path published the story of a meal. Sometimes the story was about the meal. Sometimes the story was about the journey to the meal.

Rarely concerned with breaking the latest news or consuming the best bite, this blog insisted that food was most compelling when it was taken part and parcel with daily life. Following food-enamored Americans through a variety of towns at home and abroad, we believed that once-in-a-lifetime experiences spring from settings that are a dime a dozen.

After 400 or so entries, the principal writers and editors of this blog have moved on. What you see on this page are our favorite food residencies, contributed from around the world over the course of 5 years. Sometime in 2017, three final stories will be posted as our farewell to this blog (and very likely to food writing as a whole):

  • James’ final essay on food in New York
  • Zach’s final essay on food in Los Angeles

James is now a documentary filmmaker, focused on stories of the certainly non-epic. His micro-documentary project, 1 Minute Meal, has won several awards and is slated to conclude in 2017. His first feature-length film, Nothing With Something, is done with the festival circuit and will be publicly viewable soon. James is currently deep in production for a new documentary that has nothing to do with food. Follow along with his work at

Zach is now a PhD student in English Literature at the University of Southern California. Having moved mostly to the other side of the publishing desk, he works as Managing Editor at the online literary journal The Offing and as Noir & Mystery Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books. He rarely writes on food these days, but he still dreams to one day publish the definitive book on diners in American film.

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