1 Minute Meal: The True Life of New York Classics

by James Boo on November 23, 2013 · 0 comments

Episode 12: Jomart Chocolates

I happened upon a member of the Rogak family on a flight to Los Angeles, which makes me feel really good about the random distribution of chocolate-related events in my life. There’s nothing random, however, about the work that Michael Rogak and his longtime staff have been doing at Jomart, a hand-made chocolates factory and candy shop in South Brooklyn. The spicy peanut butter cups alone are worth the trip, and if you manage to chat with the hardest working man in the chocolate business, then you’re in for a reality check.

Episode 13: Sal and Carmine

This episode is the most personally moving piece of work I’ve done with this series, and that’s all thanks to Lou, the heir to Sal and Carmine. The man went from mechanic and part-time cook to business owner, slice master and steward of a modern legacy — all before the age of 30, and during the bottom of the Great Recession. His story is New York City, and he serves it as simply as he a plain slice at the pizzeria.

Episode 14: Peter Pan Doughnuts

I’ve written at length on this blog about Peter Pan Donuts, on two occasions. During filming, what interested me more than the process of making doughnuts was the experience and importance of this particular place in the midst of North Brooklyn’s turnover and redevelopment. Thankfully, the owner of Peter Pan showed no hesitation in expressing her thoughts on all the changes that have happened in Greenpoint over the past decade. The end result reminds me that everyone in New York understands just how much change is a part of this city.


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