1 Minute Meal: Sandwich Dreams, The Perfect Muffin, and Life-Changing Cashews

by James Boo on November 18, 2013 · 0 comments

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Episode 09: Tortas Neza

I’ve told the life story of Galdino “Tortas” Molinero at every possible opportunity, leading to pieces in Serious Eats, New York Magazine and Edible Queens. So in setting up the shoot for 1 Minute Meal, I gathered 11 friends to capture the pure rush of eating at the truck on a hot summer day. With a spot from L.A. heroes Ozomatli, it worked.

Episode 10: Blue Sky Bakery

Another personal favorite, Blue Sky Bakery is one of the best arguments against ever moving out of my apartment. Stepping into their kitchen to document the making of a perfect muffin reminded me that filming is (for me) the most fun form of reporting.

Episode 11: Nuts Plus Nuts

Introduced to me on a lunch break from grand jury duty, this insanely niche (and nice! so much nicer than grand jury duty!) cashew vendor is giving me second thoughts about gifting Mallomars as part of my usual Christmas routine. This was also the first episode of 1 Minute Meal to debut on Edible Brooklyn.


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