Real Cheap Eats’ Summertime Blowout

by James Boo on July 16, 2013 · 0 comments

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Exactly two years ago, I got together a small legion of New York’s best food explorers to build a new kind of cheap eats publication – one that would do justice to the diversity, affordability, and sheer excitement of dining out in this city.


Today, thanks to the efforts of our food writers’ collective, Real Cheap Eats rings in its second birthday with 50 new additions to our index of New York’s best dishes for $10 or less. Spanning all five boroughs, the guide has just hit 370 entries — that’s over one eat for every day of the year. There’s plenty yet to come, once we get over the hurdle that is software engineering on a $0 budget (Angel investors: talk to me now). But for today, I’m just happy that our little web site has carved out a space for itself in the wide world of New York food.

Click here to check out the latest in hot-weather satisfaction from Real Cheap Eats — just in time for the summer heat wave.


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