Single Serving: Lemon Ice Box Pie at Lois the Pie Queen in Oakland

by Zach Mann on August 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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Floridians can get surly when it comes to Key Lime Pie. I don’t blame them when bakeries across California serve too-sweet lime pies colored green and label them “Key” on menus. I’ve never tried the real thing, but breakfasts at Lois the Pie Queen have got me thinking:

Maybe the best key lime pie in California has no lime at all, key or otherwise. Maybe the closest thing we’ve got is a tart, sweet, slice of graham-crusted refreshment at a little North Oakland soul food diner. And maybe there’s an Oakland native living in Florida right now, wishing real key lime pies were a little closer to Lois’s lemon icebox.

Lois the Pie Queen
851 60th St.
Oakland, CA 94609


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